Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Speaking to the "Someone in You"

Speaking to the “Someone in You

To the Heart of the Matter – Part III
A Four-Part Series by: Matthews Wright, M.Ed.

“It’s not your environment, it is you –
the quality of your mind,
 the integrity of your soul,
 and the determination of your will –
that will decide your future and shape your life…”
Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays, President Emeritus of Morehouse College

In all of my previous half century of study, I’ve never found a more distinct description of the intuitive process than expressed above by Dr. Mays.  The creative force of the Self engulfs the physical body hosting the mind, causing light to be generated outward producing a clarity of vision and thought to assist you through life events.  Our ability to actively and productively participate in life hinges on how well we analyze, assess, process and act on information to determine our personal value set (who we are).  So let me further clarify the idea of intuition.  Intuition may be understood better by looking at fees paid that we call tuition to receive certified instruction, attend training and take college courses.  Intuition is the exact opposite, it is instinctive knowledge, an internal inkling, and a state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it.  It is information – knowledge that is stored internally and available to you at your beckon call!

Think of intuition as software stored on a computer’s hard drive that comes with crucial core information allowing the operator to conduct decision-making and maintain the computer without appreciable outside assistance.  The practical use of intuition serves several purposes and to get to the use we must engage ourselves into ourselves.  Yes!  We must learn the art of active listening to our inner voice as it speaks, urges and points us in a direction that is the exact opposite of what outer experiences and sensations may be demanding.  Understanding intuition may take some time to grasp but know that when you receive an urge to do something like make an expensive purchase, intuition comes into play when your thoughts begin to assess your available money, credit score, or the items affordability.  It is your intuition that says; “is this needed or can you afford this right now”!  That is You talking to Yourself to determine a reasonable course and outcome for a current situation, and that is a normal and healthy process.  When we listen to ourselves we are assessing the condition with current, accurate and reasonable information to make a balanced choice.  Although instinctive knowledge is not perceived as good, bad or indifferent but only as a state of naturally knowing something and acting on that gut feeling.  Our ancestors called it “Mother Wit”, common knowledge or sense.  Every situation doesn’t require a college degree to figure it out!

Intuitive learning takes a while to understand, process and to act on it.  To see the need for mastering levels of understanding starts with the realization of knowing what has been presented as being real is Truly FALSE.  With assistance from your intuitive skills, you will begin to question and understand the false tendencies created to keep you occupied, emotionally drained, and to a degree fearful.  The basis of the sense of fear is real and instinctual.  However, the length at which we allow our fears to conduct the business of life is controlled by us.  The definition of fear is simple.  FEAR is “a False Evaluation Appearing Real.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”
                       ― Albert Einstein

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summons That Someone In You!

Summons That “Someone” in You!
Accepting Universal Truth - Part - II
A Four-Part Series by: Matthews Wright, M.Ed.
Precisely Wright & Associates

“Every time an elder dies a library is burned to the ground!” - African Proverb

Somewhere, in each of us, there is a domicile harboring our creativity.  A creativity that assisted in the development of our personalities, character, Will and integrity.  As adults, we have stowed away and disregarded our true and creative abilities.  This was when we chose to ignore our personal Someone!  That day, we turned a cold shoulder to it and stop breathing!  What we accepted was to seek a false cover of sorts to seek shelter from adverse conditions.  We’ve lodged ourselves from interacting with reality – choosing for years to engage only in fantasy!  Come out into the Light and see Truth once again!

As reported by Mr. Dick Gregory, Sun Ra, and George Clinton of Funkadelic claim, there are three rules that must be in play when the offer is made to wear the Universal Truth Glasses; (1) never take them off once placed on the eyes to see, (2) never again see things as they are presented, see them only as they really are and; (3) never force someone to wear the Universal Truth Glasses.  Our doses of daily local and national activities reported in the so-called news tend to be more distrustful.  While, at the same time we know that fears, anxieties and false notions to “face up” to the realities before us has come.  You may say “How is that possible?”  For just a moment you need only to mentally seek out and open the door concealing that quiet space in your mind. Imagine for just a septillionth of a second to lock out and put aside all pre-conceived notions, thoughts and ideas.   With space and time now suspended, listen to your Someone; and allow your soul to stand front and center to announce the general agenda for Self and Human Kind. The true desire we need to perform life’s work lies in the energy we can produce to reinforce the needed Will power to stave off negative actions that have the capacity to disrupt, destroy and disintegrate the smallest to the largest positive efforts we put forth for ourselves and others.  Intuition is ignited and once again, We Breathe!

Changing the Culture - Creating a Vision!

This intuitive process embraces and sets loose our creative abilities. When we perform acts it is not usually for personal benefit only.  As social beings, we generally seek to engage in work generating positive outcomes for others; our children, friends, associates communities and professions.  In doing this, we benefit from the residuals the effort creates.  Intuitively, we need to begin the process of halting our selfishness resulting from the consistent myriad of assaults involving materialism, capitalism and vile forms of hatred, greed and anger.  We need to leverage a sense of selflessness which frees the mind and body of the ill-chosen actions associated with the “press of time” in the western world.
Our individual and collected efforts to minimize the selfishness of our existence will create the paradigm necessary to elevate Love as a means to understand and act upon ignored issues and move from decades of unproductive efforts of treating symptoms and start confronting the illnesses!

Today an understanding of values and character development is underachieved, undervalued and misunderstood.  When in recent societal history has it ever been as desolate in previous generations as we experience now with black youth, young children and LGBT deaths, school dropout and drug deaths rates in urban communities?  How is it that years of marriage and rates of family stability were higher during slavery than exists in today’s families! Why, under the harshest and most wretched period were families strongest? Because there was a single-minded purpose among a people for their survival.  A knowledge of the need to collectively work as a group to protect and nurture elderly and the young for a better future.

Today, the dismantling of poor, color, and minority families and people continues with purposeful intent from not just governing bodies, business and societal institutional sectors.  There has always been a selected 1% of individuals world-wide who conduct destructive activities holding the masses of people down.  The continued systemic undoing of a people has wreaked havoc not only on them but on the general society as a whole!  Now that white youths are dying from drug overdoses at record levels it is considered an epidemic.  An antidote has been developed to intervene during a heroin overdose.  What was it considered during the 40’s through the 80’s when poor and people of color died of heroin, cocaine and crack overdoses in the hundreds of thousands?  When drugs sanctioned by the government poured in to black and poor neighborhoods?  Just a Hot Mess!!!

We have got to re-gain leverage on a denigrated process allowed to grow, fester, and poison generations of all people.  Surely, native and black Americans have suffered hundreds of years, however newer populations have been heaped onto the pile as well.  Our efforts today must force a re-examination of an intended process that refuses to accept, relent or rectify a racist implicitly biased system used to maintain barriers and paltry conditions with little hope for change for far too long impacting far too many!

How is this achieved may be the next question that comes to mind.  Remember the creativity and imagination spoken of earlier?  They have to be re-claimed and taken out of storage.  These tools allow us to listen actively to what we say to ourselves.  This is a process of re-activating the mind, the thought process that at one point you may have been told led to nothing … was useless and created an idle mind!  Are you prepared to place the Universal Truth Glasses on your eyes?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Somewhere There is a Someone in Everyone!

Somewhere There’s a “Someone” in Everyone!
Prepare to Actively Listen - Part I
A Four-Part Series by: Matthews Wright, M.Ed.
Precisely Wright & Associates

“The unexamined life is not worth living” … Uttered by Socrates at his trial for impiety.


Our lives are a collective of essential innate knowledge, “hot-wired circuitry”, learned experiences, and value proponents we use and unconsciously access each day of our existence.  They tend to guide us through our daily activities and thoughts.  Our lives are buoyed, consistently dunked or drowned by these intrinsic characteristics and choices we make.  Know also that there is no such thing as “no choice” – that is simply a choice that is actively taken not to choose.

Somewhere in the process of “progress” and “materialism” many have abandoned their inner voice; that ability to hear “the voice of reason” as our heart and mind speak to us.  We’ve stowed away the lessons gained from elders, kept stored and fresh the directions provided by parents, and deposited the learned situations remembered from engrossed relationships and observed experiences. In many instances, we’ve lost our moral compass!  Take heart, those lessons remain warehoused within us and readied for use as needed. At any time, information we’ve stored can be retrieved if the user has not lost their ability to hear with their heart and mind!  Once you are able to use your creative skills to move your imagination to ideal reality, you begin to master what’s known as the intuitive process!

For those of us old enough to remember the Rocket Eighty-eight Oldsmobile, Howdy Dowdy, Tang, transistor radios, or TV’s Amos n’ Andy, then you know that it was quite different from the times in which we currently find ourselves. Technology had just begun to weave its entrapping web!  Persons of color and the poor realized even more about that time. Yes, internment, “The Trail of Tears”, slavery, brutal Jim Crow and segregation had millions thrown over-board, hanged, starved, mutilated, raped and slaughtered at the hands of those who chose not to act as stewards.  The centuries have moved on from when a community of people was totally isolated and left to formulate and organize their existence and provide for their young and elders as best they could. Those who actively chose that path had done so after much thought and the opportunity to observe and question their surroundings to make personal sacrifices to firm up their value sets and thereby feeling more confident and assured about themselves, their communities and their made choice(s).

In 2016, urban and rural communities across America, we have to make some bold choices. We have to consider and choose whether we stand united to protect and secure previously denied opportunities of equity, or to choose to allow the status quo to continue in their manner of depriving and ignoring the concerns of the many! To achieve progress, the Someone in you needs to be released to collectively participate in attaining the true quality of life sought for future generations. For a minority to be irrationally allowed to continue the believe that human resources are considered to be theirs alone is regrettable and totally unacceptable! We must Stop Being 21st Century Slaves!  Stand up and Discover that Someone in You!!!